We agree personal trainer’s primary responsibility is the client’s safety, health and welfare

We respect a clients privacy and their right of privacy.

We will Maintain the education and experience necessary to appropriately train clients.

We will continuously strive to keep abreast of the new developments, concepts and practices essential to providing the highest-quality services to clients. 

Recognize your limitations in services and techniques, and engage only in activities that fall within the boundaries of your professional credentials and competencies. Refer clients to other professionals for issues that fall beyond the boundaries of a personal fitness trainer’s profession or your current competencies. 

Use truth, fairness and integrity to guide all professional decisions and relationships.

In all professional and business relationships, clearly demonstrate and support honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. 

Accurately represent your qualifications. 
We will Never solicit business from another trainer’s client. When interacting with clients of other trainers, be open and honest so those clients cannot interpret the interaction as solicitation of their business.

Symmetry recognizes that the clients belong to trainers.

Show respect for clients and fellow professionals.

Act with integrity in your relationships with colleagues, facility owners to ensure that each client benefits optimally from all professionals. 

Never discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical handicap or nationality. 

When disagreements or conflicts occur, focus on behavior, factual evidence and non derogatory forms of communication, not on judgmental statements, hearsay, the placing of blame or other destructive responses. 

Present fitness information completely and accurately.

Uphold a professional image through conduct and appearance.