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For 14 years, Aaron Morrison has trained, consulted and partnered with hundreds of clients (of all ages and conditions) in Detroit and Chicago. With his 19 certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Massage Therapy from Soma Institute, Aaron has secured a reputation as one of the most well-rounded and educated health professionals in the industry.

His passion, dedication to his clients, and investment in education, has allowed him to work with numerous physicians as well as clinical professors of medicine at Harvard. Over the last decade, Aaron has addressed large corporate cities, municipalities, small groups, and individuals all looking to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Through word of mouth and very loyal network of clients, Aaron has emerged as a necessary partner for those who are ready to look and feel their best.

Nick Paniagua

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For 9 years, Nick Paniagua has been a certified personal trainer, specializing in strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss. Over the past 9 years, Nick has worked with athletes, fitness competitors, competitive bodybuilders, competitive powerlifters and those just looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Nick received his certification in 2008 as an ER-CPT. With a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, he decided to not only dedicate his life to health and fitness but to assist others in reaching their goals and changing their lives for the better. Nick's ultimate goal is to not only assist others with reaching those goals they have set for themselves but to share his knowledge with those he works with regarding the benefits of weight training and nutrition, leading to a more positive and healthier way of living. 


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As a personal Trainer my specialty is assisting clients in building muscular mass. He is also an amateur bodybuilder.


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Helping others achieve goals & quality of life by applying scientific training principals. Former Penn State University Student-Athlete with a B.S in Kinesiology-Fitness Studies

Areas of Expertise:

Strength and Conditioning

Most proud of Client that got off blood thinners as well as diabetic medication by training and weight loss.

Bernie FERRO

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Bernie Ferro, CPT is a professional fitness expert with hands on experience in program design and training for all age groups, in both individual and group exercise settings. 

In 1979, Bernie became certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (“AFAA”) and has maintained his certification since that time, with a specialty in Resistance Exercise.  Since 1999, Bernie has served as Consultant and Personal Trainer with Fitness Resource Incorporated and contributed to physical fitness programming, specialized for individuals and corporate groups. 

Power Plate North America has issued two additional certifications to Bernie, namely one in Basic Academy Certification (2007) and Level 2 Certification (2008). 




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personal trainer

Fitness has always been a part of my life. It started when I was young playing soccer and studying martial arts. Although I have always been very active, I didn’t realize my true passion for fitness until my service in the military.

Being an infantry soldier in the army showed me how important every aspect of physical fitness is and it was truly amazing to see many body transformations throughout basic training. It interested me enough to pursue a degree at Southern Illinois University in Kinesiology.

I immediately started personal training after college and also set out to achieve the personal goal of competing and winning a bodybuilding show. That experience taught me a lot and made me even more interested in fitness.

The best part of my job is seeing the smiles on my clients faces as they achieve their personal fitness goals. I am always looking to further my education as my passion for fitness continues to grow.

Brian PAWL

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ACE Personal Trainer, plant-based advocate, and founder of the blog – Max Out On Plants: How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet. I help men and women lose weight, build muscle, and sculpt their dream bodies through weight training and proper nutrition.

Areas of Expertise:

Weight loss through proper nutrition and exercise

Strength Training/Muscle Hypertrophy

Athletic Performance (Sport specific training)



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Vincent is an experienced personal trainer who takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and fitness.  He believes a strong foundation rooted in proper human biomechanics, neuromuscular control, and nutrition will serve as groundwork for any strength and conditioning program.  Clients can expect personalized workout out programs intertwined with unique mobility exercises and nutrition recommendations.  He strongly believes in the importance in individuality and understands that a multi-faceted approach is often necessary for his clients to reach their goals and progress along their journey to optimal health.


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uane Malo has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry.  He is a Certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainers' Association and licensed by the State of Illinois.  He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach.


• Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology, minor in Athletic Training

 • Master of Science coursework in Exercise Physiology

 • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

 • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

 • Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)

 • USAT Lvl Certified Triathlon Coach

 • Competitive triathlete and marathon runner

 • Academic All American Collegiate Track Athlete

 • Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

 • NPC Nationally competitive bodybuilder


Duane has worked professionally in the clinical physical therapy setting, the college level, high school level, and in several Chicago health clubs. Duane has competed in the USA Triathlon National Championship, as well as numerous local triathlons, marathons, and road races.  Formerly he competed in bodybuilding winning the Illinois State lightweight division in 2004 and competing at the National Championships that same year.  Duane earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has trained in Kung-Fu and Jeet Kune Do.  He was a 3-sport college athlete competing in cross-country, wrestling and track; receiving Academic All-American honors in Track.  Duane’s education, experience, and passion for health and fitness enable him to provide the absolute best in personal training for his clients.



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For 6 years, Toby Sturges has trained and consulted clients in Sports and Conditioning, Strength Training, Post Rehab Work, Pregnancy Training, and METCON. He began his career as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in Riverview, FL where he coached Football to children between the ages of 10-16. He then went on to train clients in both Tampa, FL and Tallahassee, FL until he finally moved to Chicago, IL. He trained a large number of clients while working for LA Fitness in Chicago until he began training clients solely on his own.

Toby received his B.S. in Sports Management from Florida State University where he was also a reestablishing father of the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. He then went on to receive his ACE certification for personal Training at Remington College in Tampa, FL. While certified as a personal trainer, Toby is currently studying to receive additional certifications. He looks forward to having his ACE Group Fitness Certification in the first quarter of 2017.

Toby has worked with various people from diverse backgrounds and experienced at various levels of fitness. Toby takes pride in providing his clients the tools necessary to reach their goals. Toby admits that the most rewarding aspect of his job is seeing the joy on his clients’ faces when they reach their goals. 


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Tony received his bachelor's degree in exercise and fitness from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been working with clients for 10 years. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Tony’s training style is very dynamic. He incorporates martial arts and sport-specific training into his training programs, giving himself multiple pathways to improve all aspects of his clients’ well-being, including strength and flexibility, and help them achieve their goals. Tony also has experience working with special populations, including those with hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. He believes any goal can be accomplished with a positive mindset and hard work.

B.S., University of Illinois at Chicago 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of expertise- Strength training, Weight loss, TRX Suspension training, Kettle-bell, Prenatal/postnatal, Cardiovascular conditioning, Flexibility training, Core conditioning, Balance, Agility, Sport specific training, Martial arts, Hypertension, and Rheumatoid arthritis management.


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Have peace of mind that you will be truly, and thoughtfully taken care of. If a trainer has failed you in the past, it is because this industry has a very thin wall to break through in order to be called a personal trainer. I push myself constantly to learn and learn and learn. My clients feel and see the benefits!! I have many tools to assure you will reach your goals smoothly and safely.

My favorite client story is

After 15 years its countless! One story in particular involves a 68yr old woman who came in with a slight sciatic nerve issue that she said she has had for 14 years. I properly assessed her in 45min, then did my muscle activation treatments. After my hour with her , she had no more pain! Fast forward 8 years later and still no pain. I helped a 14 year problem in an hour:)

K. Aleisha FETTERS

personal trainer

A certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA) with a master's degree in health and science reporting from Northwestern University, K. Aleisha Fetters is a proud data nerd. She trains all of her clients with an evidence-based, yet individualized approach, and believes that, given the right tools, everyone can reach--and, even more importantly, maintain--their health and fitness goals. For Aleisha, there's nothing better than helping people make lasting, empowering changes in their physical and mental health. When she's not lifting something heavy, she's usually guzzling coffee and writing about the health benefits of doing so. She's a regular contributor to Men's Health, Women's Health, US News & World Report, TIME, SHAPE, and other health and fitness publications. 


Areas of Expertise: 

Comprehensive fitness and nutrition programs

Fat loss

Habit-based nutrition

Muscle hypertrophy

Pre- and perinatal fitness

Strength training 

Women's health and fitness