Are You an Independent Personal Trainer? Begin Training Clients @ Symmetry Today!

  • Submit your proof of certification

  • Proof of meeting the minimum of $500k in liability insurance, and a

  • Copy of your current CPR/AED certification.

  • Purchase your training sessions.

Please CONTACT THE GYM if you have any questions.

We provide a superior, clean, friendly, dynamic environment for Personal Trainers in Chicago to run their business affordably and effectively.  Our upscale amenities, professional and attentive customer service, give personal trainers the flexibility they need to challenge their clients, students and themselves.

Benefits of training at Symmetry, include:

  • Our River North location (one block from the brown/purple line) allows you to maximize time spent face-to-face with clients

  • Access to multiple lines of strength and cardio equipment and free weights (visit the ABOUT THE GYM page for more info on specific gym equipment and amenities)

  • Access to software for client management

  • No minimum requirements regarding number of clients seen, hours booked, etc.

  • A sliding scale on cost for renting space (the more business you do, the less you pay per hour session)

  • Marketing support through postings on Symmetry's social media pages and blog as well as a profile page on

  • Opportunities to be involved with local events sponsored by Symmetry


At Symmetry, Personal Trainers are their own bosses. They manage their own clients, set their own rates and hours and only pay the gym for the sessions they actually book and use at the gym.

In order to ensure that Symmetry remains a friendly and inviting place for our trainers, their clients, gym members and our staff, we ask those that use our facility to abide by a set of Guidelines & Standards.

For questions on rates, call 312-643-0929 or email: